6 Feb 2010


Right guys, look - I am soooo busy. I can't keep up with this anymore. I'm so sorry, I hope you understand. I've got so much coursework and im in between millions of college interviews! SO SORRY! ILY xxxxxxxxx

27 Jan 2010

Strify // New Blog Post!

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Strify // New Interview!

Interview with Jack Strify from Official Russian Jack Strify Support [Int.] and JackStrify - Family & Friends Support Schwenningen

1) Are you going to have a break/ to rest for some time?
Jack Strify: All I have are ideas right now. I want to meet up new people and start to work. I need to try new things. That's all I can say.

2) Do you want to be a solo performer or would you prefer to have a band?
Jack Strify: We'll see :)

3) Will/ Would you want to change your style for new ways you will go in the future?
Jack Strify: As you can see I already changed a lot during the last years. But it just happens.

4) Have you already selected any particular style to perform or is it in a process yet?
Jack Strify: I have ideas but I don't know how exactly they will develop.

5) You are getting inspired from some of your favorite musicians. Whose spirit would you take for yourself now, being independent?
Jack Strify: Marilyn Manson, Tim Burton and Prince.

6) Which influences of music would you take for own projects?
Jack Strify: Everything that I love and that I am obsessed with.

7) Can you imagine that you're singing some duets with great stars like Lady Gaga in the future? If you want to do that, which singers/bands would you like to prefer?
Jack Strify: I need to focus on my own sound first.

8) Do you have any aims with your activity, which you want to achieve? Is there any particular point in your career or you consider a creative work to have no limits?
Jack Strify: I just want to sing and create.

9) What is your attitude toward some constructive critique regarding your art?
Jack Strify: Witjout any critique there must be something wrong. People need to love it or hate it. There's no in between.

10) Are you going to dedicate and to be engaged by music only? Don`t you think of any other kind of activity, that you may try in your life?
Jack Strify: I still need to find the love of my life. But well... maybe that's my voice.

11) Would you want to learn an instrument? If yes, which one?
Jack Strify: In a few years I would love to be able to play 50 instruments like Sting. But that's a very very long way to go.

12) The "symbol" which you choose for your new My Space-account (we mean the red circle with your nickname) will you take that for new ways and for own projects or would you change it another time?
Jack Strify: The red circle is just a symbol of an end and of a beginning. People see different things in a goodbye, they see different things in a circle.

13) And in the end of our interview, please say some words about your future music? Your fans are so curiously! ;)
Jack Strify: I have an invitation to come to Moscow in a few weeks.
That's not just a rumour :)


25 Jan 2010

New Shin Infos Thang (:

Answers by Shin.

23 Jan 2010

Strify// Links!

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Strify// Two new videos!

Awesomeness At DisneyLand -1

Official Russian Jack Strify Support [Int.] | MySpace Video

Awesomeness At DisneyLand -2

Official Russian Jack Strify Support [Int.] | MySpace Video

Goodies// Cinema Bizarre sheet music!

Hi all...

This week as been one of sadness and on my part rushing around to get everything CB related done and accounted for...before i let this page go idle. And as promised in a previous blog...here is the first download of the CB sheet music that was suppose to be included in the magazine (that is now not happening).

I do believe that there will only be one more download...once i get it uploaded i will make another blog for you. So here is the first...as per-usual MySpace doesn't like links so you will have to copy and paste the link in your browser to download the ZIP file. So i uploaded this first file at two different places...so if one doesn't work...the other should.



If you have a problem with the download...as usual...leave me a comment here and i will do what i can to get you the upload. If you repost this blog somewhere else...please direct any problems here...thanx!


Shin// Ask your Questions!

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New Blog from Jack Strify!

It is FASHION WEEK in Berlin.

Personally I think that we still can't catch up with the designer gowns in Paris, Milano, London and New York.
(Karl Lagerfeld would have never gotten that far if he wouldn't have gone to Paris)
In Berlin I'm always missing the decadence of Paris, the passion of Milano, the punk of London and the extravagance of New York.
Still I love Berlin the most because I have my heart here and everyone knows how to have a good time (even without any money in their pockets). Always a little underground - that's the charm of Berlin.
Germans seem to be a little too decent for Haute Couture.

Well, tonight I wasn't at a Haute Couture show. It was the FASHION ROCK NIGHT.

The reason for my post is a comment a nice girl of a German girlgroup made. She didn't intend to offend me. She just didn't know any better.
When I told her, that Cinema Bizarre broke up, she was confused that I still had my style - like I only dressed up for the band.
That seemed kind of stoopid to me but as I already said, she just didn't know any better.

As soon as you are making pop music people tend to think that everything is just made up.
I love pop because it has many faces. I love pop culture because it represents the spirit of our time.
And I am proud to be part of it - with our without mascara.

Style is war. It always was and always will be.

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22 Jan 2010

Kiro's new twitter! We finally find his real name!

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Kristian my arse. Carsten Schäfer is his real name! Follow (: